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skanky_dolls's Journal

21 October 1987

About Me
Female. 18. Long brown hair. Green eyes. 5'5. Diabetic. Mainly Polish. French. German. Russian. Italian. Irish. Native American. Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago. Cubs fans. Writer. Actress. Singer. Loyal. Great listener. Funny. Intelligent. Drama queen. Skanky. Tragic. Stubborn. Bitchy. Advice giver. Shy. Crazy. Artistic. Optimistic. Friend. Best friend. Cousin. Sister. Daughter.
Mandi. Manda. Mandala. Panda. Panda bear. Panda Lady. Bitch. Skank. Lil Miss Stalker. Creepy girl in the bushes...lol just kidding about that one.
I Love...
The Cubs. Guys. My great-grandma. My grandma. My mom. Meg. Lisa. Carly. All my friends. Volleyball. Softball. Baseball. Sleeping. Music. My iPod. Chicago. Did I mention the Cubs? Ryan "The Riot" Theriot. Mark DeRosa. Carlos Marmol. Derrek Lee. Aramis Ramirez. Carlos Zambrano. Nissan Maximas. Fall. Winter. My dogs and cats. Adobe Photoshop. L.M.Montgomery. Anne of Green Gables books. Cut. Go Ask Alice. Say Goodnight Gracie. Anne of Green Gables. Gone With The Wind. How To Steal A Million. While You Were Sleeping. The Breakfast Club. Elizabethtown. Pirates Of The Carribean. My Best Friends Wedding. Pretty Woman. The Fox And The Hound. The 4400. Desperate Houswives. Grey's Anatomy. Supernatural. Big Brother. Law and Order: SVU. Will & Grace. Veronica Mars. Popular. Julia Roberts. Reese Witherspoon. Debra Messing. Sandra Bullock. Audrey Hepburn. Katherine Hepburn. Vivien Leigh. Lustin (Lindsay & Justin Hartley). Jensen Ackles. Johnny Depp. Anna Nalick. The All-American Rejects. Michelle Branch. Keith Urban. George Straight. Martina McBride. 3 Doors Down. Goo Goo Dolls. Brandi Carlile. Inara George. Get Set Go. Tegan & Sara. Tina Dico. Tom Petty. NSync.
I Hate...
The White Sox. White Sox fans. Alcoholics. The Brewers. The Cardinals. The Astros. Not being able to sleep. People screaming in your ear. Styrofoam being scratched by like a fork. Not being on time. Backstreet Boys. Hilary Duff. Lindsay Lohan. Kate Bosworth. Keira Knightly. Harry Potter. Passions. Living in a hotel. Arrogant bastards. Disney. Britney Spears. Jessica Simpons. Ashlee Simpson. Diabetes. Multiple Sclerosis. Cancer. Drugs. Death. Car accidents. Express ways.
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3 doors down, 80s music, acting, adobe photoshop, alex/izzie, all-american rejects, american idol, anna nalick, aramis ramirez, as the world turns, audrey hepburn, australia, baseball, baseball tonight, best buy, big brother, bitching, books, brandi carlile, breakfast at tiffany's, bringing up baby, carlos marmol, carlos zambrano, carrie underwood, cats, chicago, chicago cubs, classic movies, country music, cristina/burke, dane cook, dazed and confused, dean winchester, derrek lee, dirt, dogs, dooney & burke, dots clothing store, dvds, empire records, espn, family guy, fox & the hound, friday night lights, funny face, garden state, george o'malley, gidget, gidget movies, gone with the wind, graham colton band, graphics, grey's anatomy, heroes, house, icons, ingrid michaelson, jack/karen, james blunt, james morrison, jensen ackles, jon garland, justin hartley, katherine hepburn, kelly clarkson, kt tunstall, l.m.montgomery, law and order:svu, lifehouse, lifetime channel, lindsay hartley, little miss sunshine, little women, lord of the rings, makeup, mario kart, mark derosa, martina mcbride, matt murton, michael barrett, mike fontenot, mlb, music, musicals, my best friend's wedding, my fair lady, napoleon dynamite, olivia de havilland, orlando bloom, passions, photos, pillow talk, pirates of the carribean, plumb, poems, popular, purses, ranting, rascal flatts, reese witherspoon, rent, rent soundtrack, requiem for a dream, roman holiday, ryan theriot, sam winchester, scott podsednik, scrubs, serendipity, sexy baseball players, singin' in the rain, singing, soapnet, stewie, supernatural, tcm, the amazing race, the aristocats, the care bears, the chicago bears, the chicago cubs, the class, the color pink, the facts of life, the story girl, therox, to each his own, to kill a mockingbird, todd walker, truth or dare, u.s. history, ugly betty, veronica mars, veronica/logan, vivien leigh, walk the line, weezer, west side story, when harry met sally, while you were sleeping, will and grace, wizard of oz, wrigley field, writing